'to define is to limit'

our journey

What started with selling art socks back in 2018, turned into a full-fledged merchandise store during the lockdown in 2020 when we had the chance to create the first ever merchandise for stalwart Arjun Vagale. Since then, we have collaborated with Bass Camp (Krunk Kulture), Diva Dhawan, and Antariksh Records. We aim to create a safe space - sacred like a dance floor and inspired by the disco culture, where we make merry sans heed to creed.
We have since expanded our range into incorporating ancient Indian craft techniques, and we solely focus on creating with organisations that help lesser privileged of the society in India, in small batches, using a combination of made-to-order and inventory. We also commission creatives from across the board to make our limited edition tees, like we did one with Paradise Tender, a Delhi-based tattoo and tooth gem artist.
Our universe pays homage to raves, artists, counter culture, age-old crafts and artisans.

our vision

pop-ups + artist collaborations + made-to-order

We aim to imbibe the value of being empaths for creatives, as our community is what binds us. Bringing together creatives who build the subculture on local as well as global shores, online and offline via mixes, events, collaborations and pop-ups is what drives us.
We’re giddy with excitement with all the stories we are sharing with the world, all deeply rooted in curated nostalgia, history, textile provenance and crafts and take it to a global audience.

traditional artisanal crafts

working with the artisans directly

Acid Moons aims to bring a kinder, gentler approach to fashion by building a network of sourcing directly from artisans, and using environment-friendly materials that can ultimately boomerang back to the planet. Each piece is meticulously made in our small but mighty atelier in Delhi by our masterji Kalam.
We are grateful to call artisan clusters from across India our work family, to employ the crafts to tell stories with textiles and create each piece as a talisman with references from spiritual symbolism, folklore, music and craft.
For inquiries or any questions, please write to us at info@acidmoons.com.