Birdies for Breakfast x Acid Moons

A collaboration

Head covers, bucket hats, shirts created with Acid Moons' staple in-house print titled 'Kundalini Serpents'

A golfer's stance

Arjun Malik Golf: Birdies for Breakfast strives to forge an inclusive golfing community by revitalizing the sport with authenticity and passion, countering its recent trend towards corporate dominance and exclusivity. In a landscape where opulence dictates access and creativity takes a backseat to conformity, genuine passion often finds itself sidelined. Indigenous brands, propelled by innovation and artistic expression, are marginalized for daring to challenge the status quo.

Birdies for Breakfast serves as a beacon of change, offering events that blend professionalism with camaraderie and competition. Its product line, featuring meticulously crafted vintage-inspired head covers, bucket hats, handmade pouches, and wooden alignment sticks, reflects a commitment to creativity and inclusivity. Each item embodies the brand's ethos: to infuse golf with culture, artistry, and a spirit of collaboration, ensuring that every golfer, irrespective of background or status, feels welcomed and valued within the community.
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